"I value my strong professional relationships with my colleagues and our clients; I have a thorough and deep understanding of our industry and our firm, which allows me to engage in meaningful dialogue with clients."

Dave Jansa

David M. Jansa 651-254-6884
Director, Marketing & Business Development

The son of a construction superintendent, David grew up surrounded by engineering and construction. Early in his engineering career, David’s knack for connecting with and listening to the people he worked with on projects led to an opportunity in business development.  This affinity for communication and networking became the catalyst for a career change, and he went back to school and obtained his MBA in marketing and strategic management. David was excited at the opportunity to bring an engineering approach to marketing by making an impact in the processes and growth of a young and growing firm, KFI.

“I have the benefit of a background in construction and experience in engineering to help me understand the clients’ strategic and tactical needs when we talk about their projects. I’m able to add an engineering approach to KFI’s marketing process.” Dave’s strengths lie in taking the time to listen and truly understand problems or situations. He remembers the details and really gets to know the issues.

  • David has over 20 years of experience in engineering, marketing and business development.
  • He leads the marketing and business development group to generate new business leads and introduces the firm to new markets, clients and regions.

Outside of work, when David isn’t marketing KFI to his neighbors he enjoys spending time with his wife Kimberly and two children. He is passionately involved in coaching both his kids’ soccer teams. His family enjoys traveling together and entertaining friends and family at home.

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