Real Commissioning

Whether you’re seeking commissioning services for a new building, or recommissioning or retrocommissioning for an existing structure—you want engineers who can help you reduce energy costs as much as possible while increasing performance. The larger your square-footage, the greater potential savings can be discovered by recommissioning.

KFI’s Real Commissioning: Commissioning, Recommissioning, and Retrocommissioning

KFI has real clients who have avoided high-energy costs and reduced other risks to build or improve hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, hotels and more. Click on the attached infographic to learn more ways that KFI engineers has made a difference in how buildings operate today and years from now.

KFI Real CommissioningReal Commissioning

Recommissioning services can uncover everything from equipment inefficiencies to air quality problems. We know how buildings should operate and often find that clients are expending more for heat and lighting in off hours than necessary. We thoroughly review and verify equipment, control systems and all mechanical and electrical systems. We can also identify preventive maintenance measures that when implemented, can save you additional energy resources and costs.

KFI has provided commissioning for more than a decade, long before ASHRAE and other national certification firms created a commissioning certification. Now that the certification is available, we have ASHRAE certified Commissioning Process Management Professionals on staff.

Our KFI Performance Group team members are dedicated full-time to our commissioning department, and completely understand all aspects of the commissioning process. KFI’s commissioning staff is in the field on a daily basis testing and troubleshooting systems. This is a distinct advantage over other firms whose commissioning team members only intermittently oversee commissioning projects. Our experience tells us there is no substitute for measurement and testing.

KFI is a NEBB certified firm for both Building Systems Commissioning, and Test and Balance (TAB), for both air and hydronic systems. NEBB TAB certification involves both written and practical (hands on) examinations. Our staff is proficient in industry standard TAB procedures, required reporting, and the use and applications of the TAB instrumentation. KFI has the background to identify deficiencies, and when necessary, perform independent investigation into air-side or hydronic issues to assist with identifying solutions. KFI owns and maintains calibrated testing equipment to provide real-time information on system performance for TAB and commissioning measurements.

Whether commissioning a building or a plant, or troubleshooting a problem building, KFI delivers a disciplined approach that has resulted in exceptionally high client retention. Clients send our teams across the country and into Canada and Central America to deal with problems in mission critical structures – and we have been successful without exception. Let KFI help you get your systems operating at peak efficiency.