You’ve been commissioned to create an environment to suit your client’s needs and you need engineers who understand how to implement efficient systems while remaining in the background. KFI Engineers (KFI) excels at taking the supporting role with architects by combining a culture of client service with a diverse portfolio of project expertise. With us, you’ll find a collaboration with visionary partners who are willing to understand the architectural issues involved in your project and make building systems complement and support your design. We bring creativity and elegant solutions to areas such as lighting, electrical and HVAC.

You can count on us to provide in-house solutions, applying the right techniques and equipment for the situation when your clients have diverse needs. We have a strong reputation for service and a high client-retention ratio. From initial assessment to quick field troubleshooting, we know the importance of successful project closeout to our client’s reputation.

We’re known for being forthright communicators who not only communicate well with your team, but also with any stakeholders on the project such as owners. We’re good at keeping everyone in the loop and you’ll discover we’re even fun to be around. Our team includes LEED certified engineers, team members with backgrounds in architecture and energy modeling, and in building operation and controls.