You need every advantage to compete in your marketplace. In industries including biofuels, ag-processing and agribusiness, utilities and manufacturing, we understand that profit margins are tight and facilities need to stay up and running at a high level of efficiency. KFI Engineers (KFI) brings everything to the table, including financing, deep technical data, presentations to financiers, and project management to fill any roles you need.

You may have a facility you want to improve or have a business in mind and need a partner who can help you make it real. You could be starting from scratch, or need to expand or build a new location, Perhaps your existing facilities are not running efficiently. You may be seeking a firm that can solve seemingly intractable problems.

We excel at the core competencies that your industry needs and stay ahead of the leading edge of engineering practices and design. We’re also known for being open minded and finding more than one way to get to the results you need. We’re not locked into a specific solution. We can work with you and understand your business model—blending these to help you come up with the most profitable solution.