Maintaining the built environment of an institution is a delicate balance. It’s a balance between maximizing efficiency while managing the total lifecycle cost of any changes you implement. You must also ensure the safety and comfort of every person who uses your facility.

KFI Engineers (KFI) is at the forefront of integrating sustainable and low carbon footprint solutions with legacy equipment. We understand utility distribution and the need for flexible master plans that accommodate future growth.

When it comes to implementation, we know how to run projects from start to finish. We understand the entire design and construction process. We understand the timeline of projects and can provide you with an accurate schedule and an accurate budget. Our engineers and technicians are proficient in plumbing, HVAC, power and lighting, and life-safety system design.

We’re known for our ability to look ahead and understand how a schedule needs to be implemented. When you need to hit a certain end date, we can detail which critical milestones must be met and make sure that they are. We spot potential problems before they occur and put fixes in place to ensure that you meet your timelines.