If you give us the goal line, KFI Engineers (KFI) will help you cross it. Sometimes that means it’s best to have us manage the project. We will give you a work plan at the start of the job showing exactly how it’s going to run. We will articulate who will be responsible for each part of the plan and when it will be complete; we’re known for detailing what we’re going to deliver and then following through on it. We can do as much or as little as you need—and change mid-project if you find you need us to do more or less.

KFI acts as procurement agent for process equipment and solicits qualified contractors to perform their work using the best delivery method for your circumstances. We provide complete transparency during all stages of the project. This gives you the ideal combination of quality, speed and accountability.

We work across North America and have developed video and online conferencing capabilities that enable us to hold productive meetings whenever (and wherever) you need them. When an on-site visit is necessary, or if a crisis arises, we also have our own aircraft that enables us to get our people where they need to be very quickly and stay as long as necessary.

Our project management clients often choose to rely on us long-term to store their plant drawings and keep their P&IDs updated. You can call us with changes so that we become your “back-of-house” engineering staff. In addition to each of our employees signing NDAs as part of their agreement, we have secure servers and document control procedures—even separate locked rooms – for clients who require that level of security.

Ask us about our project success stories. More importantly, ask our clients. How can KFI provide you with Total Project Management for your process-driven project?