Do you have a strong vision for the future and want to create a next generation plant? KFI Engineers (KFI) works with sophisticated clients who aren’t satisfied with an off-the-shelf solution but want to create what’s next. We can take what you know about your facility and process and make it work better.

Whether you’re creating a new business, seeking to avoid or resolve compliance issues or maximizing efficiency, you need engineers with both industry and business knowledge. We understand the enormous volumes processed by agribusiness facilities in order to make a profit. Due to this critical mass effect, you can’t just shut down your plant to resolve issues.

We’re known for industry-leading engineering, solving complex problems, but also for our project management and ability to understand your business drivers and track toward your business goals. We know the equipment manufacturers and can help you with procurement. We can manage the process of getting your facility up and running from one end to the other—from start up through construction management to commissioning. And we can handle any issues or changes that arise.

We understand the development of profit and loss balance sheets, leverage and pro forma. If you want, we’ll look at your business model and the assumptions you’ve made and help test them relative to the technical performance of the plant. We can tell you what it costs to build, the machinery it takes to make your product, how much the electricity and steam costs, and the time value of money in getting you up and running.

We are a recognized national leader in the design of:

  • Vegetable oil production facilities
  • Ethanol production facilities
  • Other value-added grain processing applications

To learn more about our Agribusiness experience, contact: