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BIM Manager

St. Paul, MN

The BIM Manager’s role is to understand and communicate how BIM will effect project workflows, deliverables and project management throughout KFI. The primary responsibility is to manage and coordinate BIM standards development, implementation, and enforcement on all related BIM projects, files and models, for both our Commercial and Industrial groups. This will include the development of a work plan/roadmap for the development, implementation, and quality assurance checks needed for full BIM integration with KFI projects.

  • Responsible for developing and implementing BIM workflow and driving standard usage of BIM and Revit within and outside the firm
  • Oversee the use of BIM/Revit software firm-wide, including installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting all BIM installations as well as analyzing and solving BIM user issues
  • Provide end-user training, support and leadership
  • Support each project team by (1) managing and creating content library files and templates, (2) creating and enforcing standards, and (3) evaluating project models
  • Support project start-up coordination, helping teams develop strategies for effective delivery of quality documents, and set-up each project, thereby ensuring that each one is set up correctly.

Specific responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Coordinate with IT manager the selection of BIM software products, including but not limited to licensing compliance, incorporating new version releases, maintaining legacy software and customizing software for specific firm needs
  • Manage the implementation of supporting software and plug-ins for BIM
  • Evaluate new BIM related software and technologies
  • Stay informed on best practices for use of Revit, AutoCAD, and BIM
  • Stay informed on other BIM related software products and their interaction with Revit
  • Ability to use Dynamo and Python for automation.


  • Responsible for BIM standards development, implementation, and enforcement
  • Creation and maintenance of the template files to assure standards
  • Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions
  • Automate routines in BIM to support standards and productivity
  • Provide quality control for completeness and adherence to company standards of all shop drawings produced
  • Assist in developing and enforcing BIM documentation and workflow process standards
  • Train and oversee the day-to-day activities of BIM users to ensure BIM standards are maintained in the creation of BIM models


  • Chair the firm’s BIM user group and ensure regular communication and coordination among BIM/Revit users
  • Report on the company’s current and projected state in regards to BIM implementation
  • Create and lead deployment strategies for the BIM implementation effort
  • Assess: Evaluate the firm’s current workflow, strategies, budgets, projects, staffing, etc.
  • Plan: Create a plan for implementation (identify team members, what is the project, what are the goals, etc.)
  • Solve: Execute the plan, install the software, get templates created, get training, etc.


  • Provide hardware and network support as it relates to BIM production
  • Support the BIM technology needs of a multi-office firm
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Liaison with vendors, software developer support staff and other support channels



  • Provide fundamental and intermediate training to KFI staff on all BIM software, through a training program incorporating large group, project team and individualized training methods
  • Conduct continuing education on BIM processes and its new technologies
  • Provide technical orientation/onboarding to new hires regarding BIM tools
  • Attend conferences, seminars, and workshops for BIM, bringing back best practices and disseminating the information to appropriate teams

Project Interface

  • Assist project teams in BIM project setup, project work modeling and detailing
  • Assist/create Revit families in response to project need
  • Create project schedules with content
  • Help resolve BIM design issues
  • Manage and distribute coordinated digital documents to the project team
  • Coordinate needed hardware upgrades with IT
  • Communicate with subcontractors to receive, coordinate and update all electronic models
  • Link BIM to the project construction phase for submittals, construction models, shop drawings and schedules
Key Performance Characteristics

Understanding the Business
• Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands the “KFI way” – our Mission, Vision and processes. Learns new methods and technologies easily.

Getting Organized
• Is well organized, resourceful, and planful; effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources to get things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to mark the trail; is able to get things done with less and in less time; can work on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plans around obstacles.

Focusing on Action and Outcomes
• Attacks everything with drive and energy with an eye on the bottom line; not afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known; drives to finish everything he/she starts.

Focusing on the Customer
• Identifies and anticipates customer requirements, expectations, and needs. Creates systems and processes that make it easy for customers to do business with the company. Ensures that customer issues are resolved.

Communicating Effectively
• Writes and presents effectively; adjusts to fit the audience and the message; strongly gets a message across.

Influencing Others
• Ensures that proposals or arguments are supported by strong logic and a compelling business case, addressing all relevant factors. Identifies the agendas, concerns, and motivations of others.

Builds Relationships
• Treats people with respect; relates well to people regardless of their organization level, personality, or background. Encourages others to express their views, even those contrary to current thinking.


Ideally, the person filling this opening will have several years of experience involved with mechanical and electrical engineering.


Recognizing the importance of this position to KFI, a competitive salary and benefits package will be offered.

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