For Government People

  • 651-254-6911

"I have a passion to create. Whether it be systems, processes, friendships or pathways through a problem, I enjoy an environment that fosters innovation. It drives everything: leading complex projects, teaching our staff and re-investing in the business."

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Randy P. Christenson, PE

Principal, Mechanical Engineer

  • 651-254-6877

“We don’t want to be another run-of-the-mill engineering company or deliver average projects. We continue to work on projects that feature cutting edge technologies and lead the way in sustainability and reduced energy costs. That’s our continued vision for the future.”

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Mark Zimmerman, PE

Director, Industry and Infrastructure

  • 651-254-6898

"Customers approach KFI with a challenge, knowing we have the technical expertise and willingness to manage the process, find solutions and drive projects to completion."

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  • 651-254-9029

“I like fixing and optimizing systems. It’s fun to dig into the root cause of the problems and come up with creative solutions to assist our customers in implementing corrective actions.”

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Linda Pederson, PE, LEED AP

Director of Project Management

  • 701-566-9611

"I have a passion to guide, teach and mentor our project managers to be successful. Effective project management is the cornerstone to project success."

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David M. Jansa

Director, Marketing and Business Development

  • 651-254-6884

“I value my strong professional relationships with my colleagues and our clients; I have a thorough and deep understanding of our industry and our firm, which allows me to engage in meaningful dialogue with clients.”

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