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Minneapolis Courthouse Master Plan

How do you upgrade a historic 1902 building that covers an entire city block, has 680,000 gross square feet and must remain occupied during the upgrade? That was the question facing the Municipal Building Commission as they sought to improve temperature control and air quality, plus upgrade fire-safety systems, in the Minneapolis City Hall and Courthouse building. Their master plan included 23 stages and spanned 10 years; KFI Engineers (KFI) began work on the project for stages 8-15 and was unanimously awarded stages 16-23 when the MBC saw the effectiveness and creativity of KFI’s solutions for installing the new air handling system.

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Warren E. Burger Federal Courthouse

The Warren E. Burger Federal Courthouse is located in downtown St. Paul. The building was originally constructed in 1966 and underwent a renovation in 2004. The 450,000 square foot building is owned and operated by the General Services Administration (GSA) and is home to 17 courtrooms as well as various office spaces and branches of the government. KFI Engineers provided recommissioning and energy study services for this federal building. The primary goal of the project was to perform a comprehensive energy and water evaluation in order to lower building energy consumption. As part of this process, testing was performed on all of the equipment for functionality and accuracy of the energy management system. A detailed recommissioning plan was conceived using ASHRAE commissioning guidelines to include the following systems: HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and building envelope.

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