Jacob Rylander, IAAI-FIT & ECT, NAFI-CFEI


NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
IAAI Fire Investigation Technician and Evidence Collection Technician
Certified Firefighter I, State of Minnesota
Certified/Retired Federal Military Law Enforcement Officer, United States Air Force
Certified/Retired Federal Military Police Investigator, United States Air Force
Certified/Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Prior Qualified Representative/Private Detective, State of Minnesota


B.S. In-Progress
Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigation

A.A.S. Technical Management
Dakota County Technical College


Corporate & Community Facilities, Education, Government, Healthcare, Fuels, Packaged Food & Beverage, Clean Manufacturing, Central Energy & Utilities, Lipids, Oils & Animal Feed

After his medical retirement from the United States Air Force in 2016, Jake embarked on a journey to translate his military training and experience into a meaningful civilian career. He was introduced to forensic fire investigation and seized an opportunity to mentee under a fellow Veteran, discovering a passion for unraveling the complexities of fire and explosion incidents. Jake knew right away it was the career he wanted to pursue, and he dove headfirst into learning everything he could.

Jake’s expertise as a fire and loss consultant at KFI involves investigating and analyzing fire and explosion incidents, helping to provide closure to those facing devastating losses. His commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in his military values—integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. He embraces a working style that blends confidence and flexibility, adapting to the ever-changing demands of fire and explosion investigations. He enjoys the uniqueness of each day’s challenges and being a part of a dynamic team.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jake enjoys outdoor activities, metalworking, and spending quality time with his family. He remains dedicated to volunteerism, environmental conservation, and advocacy, reflecting a holistic approach to life and work. Jake’s journey is marked by resilience, continuous learning, and a passion for making a positive impact.

Be kind because it costs nothing.
– Jacob Rylander, IAAI-FIT & ECT, NAFI-CFEI