James Sommer, PE


B.S. Electrical Engineering
Purdue University


Education, Corporate & Community Facilities, Government, Healthcare, Clean Manufacturing

A lifelong enthusiast of math and science, James got into engineering as a way to combine those two disciplines to solve real-world problems. Collaborative by nature, he appreciates the unique way each team member approaches the same obstacle. When the small engineering firm where he was working got acquired by KFI, he was excited about the opportunity to learn from the team there. “We have incredible staff resources. It seems that no matter how obscure the system is, we have at least a few engineers who specialize in that system. We have people on staff who have created some of the standards that are used across the industry.”

A licensed electrical engineer with more than twelve years of industry experience, James is focused primarily on power distribution in commercial buildings. He has experience designing and drafting power and lighting circuits, as well as calculating power and voltage drop. He is also responsible for designing power distributions, lighting controls and layouts, sizing facility electric services, creating construction documents for building projects, writing specifications, and documenting energy code compliance. He loves seeing the design process from concept through full design, seeing his projects come together as actual buildings.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. You may also find him gardening or working on home improvement projects.

“No matter how many projects are on my desk at any given time, each one is the most important project to that client. Each project deserves the same level of excellence.”
– James Sommer, PE