Linda Pederson, PE




B.S. Mechanical Engineering
North Dakota State University


Education, Healthcare, Government, Central Energy & Utilities, Clean Manufacturing

Linda credits television and movies for piquing her interest in architecture (think Mike Brady and The Towering Inferno). Growing up, she spent hours creating structures with Lincoln Logs, cardboard and even snow and ice. A junior high combined architectural and mechanical drafting course further honed her focus, and she zeroed in on mechanical engineering.

Throughout her career, Linda has led the mechanical design on a variety of projects including corporate, manufacturing, and healthcare. She brings over 30 years of client experience implementing a variety of project delivery methods. Her strong leadership, organizational skills, and collaborative style enable a truly integrated approach enabling clients to achieve their specific goals.

“The best design solutions evolve from having the voices of all key stakeholders at the table. All stakeholders need to understand how their interests impact each other’s. They gain realization as to which aspects are most critical to helping our clients achieve their vision.”

At KFI Engineers, Linda provides oversight and training for KFI’s project managers across all offices.

  • Responsible for guiding and implementing best practices in project management.
  • Valued coach and mentor to all of KFI’s project managers.
  • Uniquely capable of seeing the project through multiple perspectives, due to her background managing full-service projects at an architectural/engineering firm.

Linda enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially in the Minnesota lakes area. She also loves exploring islands known for their natural beauty and water activities. Her dream downtime activity is being fully immersed in a good book (fiction or non-fiction).

"I have a passion to guide, teach and mentor our project managers to be successful. Effective project management is the cornerstone to project success."
– Linda Pederson, PE