Nick Pappas


B.S. Mechanical System Design
Pennsylvania College of Technology

A.A.S. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology
Pennsylvania College Of Technology


Education, Government, Healthcare, Corporate & Community Facilities, Clean Manufacturing, Packaged Food & Beverage


NEBB – Building Systems Commissioning Corresponding Committee Member
ITC Certified Thermographer, Level I
Niagara N4 Technical Certification

Nick has always been a very hands-on person. At a young age, he stole his sister’s sketchbook and designed his first bike ramp. His dad found him the following morning cutting 2x4s in the garage assembling the design. From then on, his dad knew what his future had in play and subtly steered Nick in the design/engineering direction. Throughout high school, he worked in a motorcycle garage fixing Triumph motorcycles and Can-am ATVs, shifting to a residential construction job during the summers. Working with his hands made sense to him and he wanted to continue to do so. After high school, he enrolled in an HVAC technician school and worked his way into a design program.

With his hands-on background working for both controls and mechanical contractors, as well as extensive experience in commissioning, re/retrocommissioning, troubleshooting, equipment optimization, and building automation systems, Nick joined KFI’s Arizona office as a Commissioning Project Manager in 2021. He utilizes his experience to manage, execute, and troubleshoot the start-up, commissioning, and TAB processes for his projects and is always eager to tackle the larger and more complex projects KFI designs.

In Nick’s spare time he enjoys building things, reading about green energy, and using that knowledge to implement sustainable aspects throughout his own home, someday wishing to build a net-zero house. When he isn’t building or reading, he spends most of his time outdoors skiing, both backcountry, and alpine, mountain and gravel biking, as well as hiking and camping.

If there is a problem, I want to solve it. There is nothing better than looking down the barrel of a complex and costly issue and, through collaboration with project members, resolving the issue with minimal cost and schedule impacts.
– Nick Pappas