Whether you’re in agribusiness, food processing, mining or other large industry, KFI Engineers (KFI) can quickly go from bench scale to commercial or production. We design facilities that you can profit from and deliver them on time and on budget. When you work with us, we match our procedures to your strengths and preferred delivery systems.

We have process engineers with skills in handling materials and fluids, heat transfer, filtration and metering. Aspiration systems, pollution control systems and balance-of-plant design are things we deal with every day. We understand that you have budget commitments to your management and board—your payback has to be accurate and the job delivered in a safe and timely fashion—so we’ll provide the budgets and data to support your decision-making process.

We often serve as lead engineer on industrial projects, taking them from start to finish. We provide total project work plans, budgets, schedules and clearly defined deliverables held to a high standard of quality. Initial concepts, PFDs, mass and energy balance, P&IDs, General Arrangement drawings, procurement, code review, permitting and construction management—we execute each step with precision and professionalism.

KFI’s engineers have considerable experience handling difficult fluids and dry materials. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify and recover value-added product streams utilizing an array of techniques. We use 3-D software, for example, to produce accurate isometrics for complex piping systems for cost and quality control.

Let KFI help you deliver the margins expected by your shareholders through design excellence. We understand business, project finance and risk. And that makes a world of difference.