Alexandria Public Schools New High School

KFI was contracted to provide LEED mechanical and electrical engineering services for the new 280,000 square-foot Alexandria High School. Prior to performing design services, KFI worked with the district to produce pre-design documents to be used during the referendum process. An approved bond referendum provided the means to construct a new environmentally friendly high school.

Highlights of the project include:

Energy Efficient Design

KFI worked with the team to identify appropriate sustainable design strategies to be included in the project, and assisted in achieving the district’s energy setting goal. KFI performed energy modeling early in the project to evaluate the energy and cost implications of chilled beams, geothermal and solar thermal systems, as well as a number of glazing and shading design options for the windows.

The mechanical design of this facility includes a dedicated outdoor air path with heat recovery and active chilled beams in the learning areas of the school. An overhead variable air volume system with reheat was designed for the other building areas. Also contributing to the school’s energy efficiency are eleven (11) energy recovery units located throughout the building, including the largest energy recovery wheel in the Midwest. The school is anticipating a LEED Gold rating.

Technology Design

In today’s world, having sophisticated technology in the classroom is of utmost importance. KFI prepared the necessary design documents for the audio visual systems, telecommunication, wireless and data networks, fire alarm, as well as the security system throughout the school. The integrated security management system included in KFI’s design were video surveillance capabilities, key card access locations, and intrusion parameters.

Modular Construction of Classrooms

This project is unique in the design of modular classrooms. The classrooms were constructed using DIRTTĀ© walls; an application that has not been utilized in a school setting prior to now. This approach to design allows maximum functionality for the space over time. However, this required intense coordination to provide flexible design in respect to the mechanical, electrical, and especially, technology systems.

Construction of the school was completed in August 2014, and will provide the students of the Alexandria area a beautiful, environmentally friendly school for generations to come. The school is anticipating a LEED Gold rating.