Ethanol Fuel Plant

Heartland Corn Products (HCP) looked to expand their ethanol production in an economical and expedited manner in order to capitalize on the market conditions at the time. To facilitate this expansion in ethanol production, KFI designed an additional ethanol plant next to HCP’s existing plant in Winthrop, MN. This 50 million gallon per year plant was completed within the tight time constraints, and met the budget requirements.

Highlights of this project include:

Aggressive Schedule

Construction of this plant started in December 2005 and the plant was grinding corn by November 2006. Prior to KFI proving that it could be done, this rapid turnaround time for a project of this size was unheard of. KFI’s scheduling capabilities and ability to continuously meet deadlines became the industry benchmark for which other firms strove to match. This aggressive schedule allowed the plant many months of ethanol and DDG production time that they wouldn’t have been able to capture with any other design team.

Plant Layout

The expansion to the facility was laid out to maximize efficiency, centralize boiler operations, and allow for the possibility of future plant expansions. Based on their vision for operating and maintaining the facility, the owners were integral in the decision making process to determine the locations of all unit operations in the plant.

Plant Optimization

Since the plant started production in November of 2006, KFI has continued to work with HCP on various upgrade projects. These projects were focused on lowering operating costs, improving plant efficiency, and increasing plant output. The two facilities combined grind over 100,000 bushels of corn a day and produce in excess of 100 million gallons of ethanol per year.