Mall of America (MOA)

When the Mall of America needed to rebrand and renovate its amusement park in 2008 and redesign its southeast anchor store in 2012, they called KFI Engineers. For almost two decades, KFI Engineers (KFI) has reviewed tenant spaces and provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the largest mall in the United States. Flexibility, in-depth systems knowledge and an ability to integrate those existing systems with efficient technology are among the reasons KFI continues to deliver engineering services for MOA.

Highlights of the long-term collaboration include:

Transforming Spaces

As Bloomingdales vacates the southeast anchor store space, MOA wants to turn a 240,000-square-foot, three-level store into multiple spaces and has asked KFI to create the design and provide mechanical and electrical services, including: fire and smoke systems, ventilation and electrical system upgrades. The project will create junior anchor stores of 30,000 to 40,000 square feet.

Re-commissioning for Cost Savings

KFI’s commissioning team is going through the southeast anchor store space to test the current equipment and help MOA know what they can efficiently reuse in order to reduce capital costs. For example, they will convert the existing air handling system from a constant volume air handling to variable air volume system. This gives the MOA the benefit of 20 years of new technology without completely replacing the old system, and the resulting integration will reduce utility costs by 30 to 40 percent.

Clear Communications Driving Projects

The rebranding of the amusement park to Nickelodeon Universe® required mechanical and electrical services to bring power to three major rides, numerous smaller rides, two corner retail spaces, kiosks and the food court. The fast-paced project lasted only six months with the KFI team working closely with the architect, ride manufacturers, retail staff and city officials to ensure seamless design and ride integration. KFI used phasing to perform a majority of construction during evening hours, enabling the park to remain operational throughout the project.

KFI has worked with the Mall of America since 1993, providing quick turnaround on large projects and timely answers. When challenges arise in the field, KFI is able to creatively resolve them with their understanding of the MOA’s systems and business needs.