Maple Grove Public Library

The growing community of Maple Grove was in need of a new public library. Sustainability was a major focal point of the project which led Hennepin County to choose the ongoing architectural and engineering relationship of our team. KFI Engineers led the mechanical and electrical design while integrating some of the most modern sustainable technologies into the design of this one of a kind public library.

Highlights of the project include:

Maximized Use of Space

A roof with open space and no corners was created to represent an architectural vision of an ‘open book’ building. The glass clearstory provided limited space for ductwork. To accomplish the aesthetic goals of a large open space up to the roof, KFI designed a raised under floor distribution system to provide sufficient air circulation while improving air control, energy efficiency, and comfort. Additionally, all electrical and technology infrastructure is distributed through the under floor system which helps to maintain a clean appearance to the library. The glass clearstory raised challenges in addressing sun glare and potential solar heat gain. Studies and modeling were performed to select the proper glass to allow enough visible light for daylighting while still balancing and reducing the load.

Incorporation of Sustainable Design

The library utilizes a near-by lake as its heat source and heat sink for its geothermal system. The same lake system is used for the geothermal system of the existing government center as well as the Great River Energy headquarters building. Modeling was performed to understand the overall effect of both systems on the lake.

Daylight harvesting is done via dimming ballast, occupancy sensors and overall building time control, which maintains and controls lights to accommodate both occupancy and daylight settings. This design reduces the overall power consumption while maintaining visual comfort.

Additional sustainable design elements include daylighting controls, occupancy sensors, low flow plumbing, and shades in the library for sun impact controlled by daylight sensors. The training/conference rooms have projectors, screens and shades all controlled by scene settings. Wireless sensors are utilized for controls in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance and architectural integrity.

Cooperation with Partnering Architect

KFI had previously built a relationship with the architecture team utilized on this project. The good working relationship and communication of both firms served as a benefit throughout the whole project. From the start there was transparency about what all parties including the owner wanted, and discussions commenced on the best way to serve the owner’s needs. The result of this transparency and clear communication was a smooth transition through the design, construction, and turnover phases while saving the owner money with fewer change orders and delays.

Each of the mechanical and electrical elements was designed to maintain the architectural design of the building. This unique library opened its doors in July of 2010 and is now providing a beautiful, energy efficient library for the growing needs of the expanding Maple Grove community.