Engineering and Commissioning Services

KFI has provided engineering and commissioning services for a variety of Scheel's projects since 2016.


Multiple Locations


Corporate & Community Facilities


Scheels is an employee-owned, retail company that specializes in sporting goods.  The full Scheels retail experience consists of more than 70 specialty shops, a 16,000+ gallon aquarium, a two-story tall Ferris wheel, a 35-foot tall wildlife mountain, a full commercial kitchen café, and various other attractions around the store, including arcade games and photo opportunities.

Scheels understands the value of investing in quality building infrastructure and the resulting benefit of long-term energy and maintenance savings.  Therefore, most new stores include central boiler/chiller plants, energy recovery systems, high-efficiency rooftop units, LED lighting, off-peak generators, and hydronic snowmelt systems.

KFI has provided engineering services for various Scheel’s projects since 2019.  These projects have included new construction, fit-ups of existing shell spaces and remodels of existing stores.  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure for each project varies based on the location, climate, and size of the building.

In 2016 KFI began providing commissioning services for Scheels, the HVAC infrastructure is significantly more complex than a standard retail project. Although there is some variation in HVAC systems depending on climate, the equipment commissioned generally includes, standard rooftop units, sites typically comprise of standard VAV terminal units or fan coil units, central boiler and chiller plants, and snowmelt systems for the exterior. All systems are controlled via a centralized building automation system. Over the course of the 10 stores, KFI has worked with the controls contractor and design teams to continually optimize the HVAC sequence control standards for future projects.




Commissioning Services

Minot, ND 2022
Johnstown, CD 2018
Lincoln, NE 2020
The Colony, NE 2022
Eden Prairie, MN 2022
Colorado Springs, CO 2022
Fargo Retail, ND 2020
Fargo Corporate Headquarters, ND 2021
Missoula, MN 2022
Wichita, KS Estimated 2024
Chandler, AZ Estimated 2024


Engineering Services

Colorado Springs, CO 220,000 SF new construction 30,000 SF hydronic snowmelt system
Fargo, ND Corporate Headquarters relocation 3 building office park; 125,000 SF total
Fargo, ND Store remodel and expansion Complex phasing to expand retail into old corporate office space
Sioux Falls, SD Retail Remodel Added Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop
Sandy, UT Retail Remodel Café remodel, add Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop
Chandler, AZ 250,000 SF new construction 650 Ton Modular Chiller Plant
Sandy, UT Home Décor Shop Remodel
Sioux Falls, SD Home Décor Shop Remodel
Overland Park, KS Retail Remodel Added Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop
Johnstown, CO Retail Remodel Added Fuzziwig’s Candy and Jerky Shop
Meridian, ID 250,000 SF new construction 30,000 SF hydronic snowmelt system
Johnstown, CO Vestibule Remodel
Lincoln, NE Vestibule Remodel
Rochester, MN Vestibule Remodel
Rochester, MN Loading Dock Expansion Added 3,500 SF of mezzanine space
Johnstown, OC Golf Shop Remodel Air-conditioned hitting simulator bays
Colony, TX Golf Shop Remodel Air-conditioned hitting simulator bays
Colorado Springs, CO Golf Shop Remodel Air-conditioned hitting simulator bays
Omaha, NE Bathroom Remodel Sensor Operated Flush Valves
Springfield, IL Home Décor Shop Remodel
Sioux City, IA Bathroom/Breakroom Remodel
St Cloud, MN Service Shop Remodel
Sparks, NV Café Remodel
Bismarck, ND Footwear Shop Storage Expansion
Key Contacts:
Robert Linder, PE, NEBB CP, LEED AP
Vice President, Performance Group
Randy Christenson, PE
Vice President, Commercial
David Jansa
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Services Provided:
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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