University of Iowa Commissioning Services

KFI is currently contracted with the University to provide commissioning services for four projects which are slated to be completed between January 2013 and December 2015. These four projects have a combined construction cost of over $220,000,000. Two of the projects are located within the University of Iowa’s main campus power plant. The other projects are the University’s new auditorium, and a new residence hall on campus.

Project details include:

Boiler 10 Commissioning Services

This project includes commissioning one of the boilers within the University of Iowa’s Main Campus Power Plant. This project involves the installation of new natural gas burners and flue gas recirculation in a 170,000 lb/hr coal fired, traveling grate, stoker boiler for improved boiler reliability and reduced emissions. The commissioning services include design reviews, control loop verification, and performance testing of Boiler 10. New standard operating procedures will be generated for Boiler 10 and KFI will facilitate owner training to focus on the whole system operation with input from the multiple equipment manufacturers involved.

Backup Power and Auxiliaries Commissioning Services

KFI is also currently contracted with the University to perform commissioning services for their new Backup Power and Auxiliary Project. This project will consist of the installation of (four) 2 MW natural gas fired engine generators for the main power plant with capabilities to “black start” the entire power plant, as well as provide back-up power to parts of the campus.

Hancher Auditorium Commissioning Services

KFI is working on the new Hancher Auditorium. The original auditorium was destroyed by flooding in 2008. It will have a 1,800 seat capacity with two balconies and will be home to theater operations, administrative staff offices, a scene shop, a costume shop, and production unit offices. Before any functional testing is performed KFI will perform reviews on the design documents, equipment submittals, owner’s project requirements, and basis of design to ensure the design conforms to the owner’s needs.

West Campus Residence Hall LEED® Commissioning Services

KFI is performing LEED commissioning services for the new West Campus Residence Hall project. The commissioning process for this project conforms with LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems as well as Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning Services. The residence hall will be the future home for 500 students and is slated to achieve LEED Silver status.

Although all of these projects differ in their uses and construction, the commissioning process and objective remain the same. The commissioning objective is to ensure that the design intent is met throughout the design, construction, start-up, turnover, and through the first year of operation. KFI ensures this objective will be completed through the performance of design document reviews, submittal reviews, construction meetings, construction observations, functional performance testing, TAB verification, and O&M manual review. Together, these tasks will ensure that quality buildings will be turned over to the University of Iowa.