University of Minnesota – Williams Arena Roof Replacement

KFI was contracted to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), and energy modeling services for the University of Minnesota’s, Williams Arena and Sports Pavilion Roof Replacement project. The facility, originally constructed in 1928, has undergone multiple renovations over the years, but energy inefficiencies and deterioration from failing roof drains and leakage made it necessary to replace the roof in its entirety. As part of the roof replacement, KFI provided the engineering necessary to replace of all the MEP rooftop drainage systems.

Highlights of the Project

Energy Model

In addition to our MEP design services, KFI provided energy modeling at each phase of the project to evaluate various roofing options to reduce energy and determine proper equipment sizing. KFI created a baseline energy model and calibrated this baseline to the existing utility information. KFI then changed the roof construction in the model to study the potential energy impact of various potential roof designs.
Seven different roofing options, ranging in insulation values from R-25 to R-71, were compared to the existing building during the schematic design phase of the project. In addition to the roof options, KFI included electrical and building HVAC systems in the model. Overall, a 18% reduction in energy use was captured by completing this project.

Roof Drains

The unique curved roof which contributed to the building’s nickname of “The Barn” presented challenges with the drainage capacity of water, which in the past had led to leaks and deterioration. The existing drains were undersized and there were various code deficiencies that needed to be upgraded. KFI provided a code compliant design which included larger roof drains and backup overflow drains for cases of extreme precipitation.