Whether your top question is “How soon do I need my next boiler?” or “What’s our best path to carbon neutral over the next 10 years?” KFI Engineers (KFI) can partner with you to find the answer. No matter what happens, you have to produce for your customer – you need to keep lights on and spaces heated, regardless of what happens with your equipment or fuel costs. We can show you how to lower your carbon footprint and approach carbon neutrality while increasing capacity.

We provide utility infrastructure plans, complete project design, commissioning and startup expertise, providing important long-term links to overall campus growth plans, all with an eye toward fuel and regulatory flexibility. Your future capacity is always top-of-mind for us, as well as the long-term reliability of your facilities, the highest efficiency possible and compliance.

We can perform a business case analysis that takes into consideration your core business drivers and help you articulate the issues to all the stakeholders and decision makers. We understand total operating costs, including variable and fixed costs, fuel costs, labor, insurance and capitalization.

From planning through design and construction support, KFI provides one-stop design expertise with the flexibility to run complete projects or provide support to your in-house staff. Our utilities clients are among our most sophisticated planners—often looking decades into the future. Whether your challenge seems small or spans generations, with us you’ll find a visionary yet realistic partner to help you chart the best course.

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