Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc. (KFI) was formed in 1996 to make a difference in the way infrastructure and processing projects are delivered. William J. Karges Jr., P.E., and James A. Faulconbridge, P.E., founded the company because they saw a need in the consulting engineering market for experienced engineers who not only understood their subject matter but also enjoyed being in the field and working directly with clients.

KFI’s mission is to be recognized as the best-in-class in the markets we serve. We have developed a highly trained staff of engineers, technicians, and managers who execute projects with the same care and creativity we would expect if we were the client. Now that we’ve grown to one of the largest firms in the Twin Cities, that mission has evolved to being the recognized leader in any market we serve. If we’re going to do something, we commit to being the best at it.

Because of a daily focus on what “best” means to each client, KFI retains an exceptionally high number of clients and employees.

KFI is focused on facilities and process engineering, commissioning, building performance and field services. We serve clients across North America and have capabilities that are not commonly found in traditional engineering firms, including our commissioning work and our ability to drive projects of all sizes. We enjoy taking on our clients’ most sophisticated projects and solving their problems using well-designed, innovative answers. We bring clarity to complexity.

We take great satisfaction in watching our clients succeed and are happy to work from the shadows or in the spotlight as needed. With KFI you have a visionary partner who combines innovative technological understanding with a true knowledge of business drivers and project management.

To us, it’s important to have a broader purpose, and a unified goal of what we are collectively striving to accomplish.

Here at KFI, “how” we get things done matters. We think it’s important to communicate how we want to engage with not only each other, but also the outside world. In the videos below, let us show you what it’s like to work at KFI.