Jim Bochat, in KFI’s Phoenix, AZ office, compiled a set of useful recommendations for facility operation during the coronavirus pandemic. Jim’s blog post discusses how facility managers should educate and train staff in the required protocols. He reminds them that there are several things that have a direct impact on the facility containment for disease control that an operator can affect. These are mainly facility cleaning, amount of air flow, differential room pressure, room temperature and humidity levels.

Jim’s full blog post contains a lot of interesting and relevant information. It can be found on KFI’s LinkedIn page.

Some of his key recommendations for facility managers include:

  1. Disinfect surfaces touched regularly by staff or visitors
  2. Change air filters and make sure they are the correct size and the correct MERV rating.
  3. Verify that there is adequate outside air ventilation
  4. Maintain temperatures and humidity levels that reduce viral survival time
  5. Verify that building pressurization is appropriate for virus containment

And, as we all know by now: All staff should stay home when sick, washing their hands, and keep a 6ft distance between themselves and other people. The appropriate PPE should also be worn to match each task.