At KFI Engineers (KFI), our integrated energy modeling helps you make smarter choices about efficiency, construction costs and the lifecycle cost of a building—whether you’re the architect or the owner. By showing you estimated performance based on different combinations of materials and components, we can identify the best fit for your project and discover ways to increase the value of the building.

We work closely with architects to perform energy modeling as a key step in the integrated design process. At KFI, we’re experts in evaluating possible site locations, orientation, and massing during the conceptual design phase. This gives owners and architects the most control possible to make decisions that can improve energy performance and reduce initial costs.

By using an integrated design and energy modeling approach, we can predict how a building will perform and work with you throughout the process to target specific performance goals. We examine the major drivers of energy use – HVAC, lighting, fenestration, and envelope characteristics – and determine how they impact your overall building performance. We also measure performance when the building is operational and validate the results to show how specific design choices created greater efficiencies for your project.

At KFI, our early attention to sustainability within our industries of focus means that we know all the ins and outs of performance for the unique needs of your building. We never recommend a solution because it’s the new trend. We know what works for your industry and what doesn’t, and we’ll help you make the right choices based on building use.