Chris Koenig


B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Minnesota - Institute of Technology


Education, Corporate & Community Facilities, Healthcare, Government, Central Energy & Utilities, Clean Manufacturing


Niagara-AX and N4 Certified
Niagara-AX Analytics
Honeywell XL5000 Trained on Building Control Systems
Schneider Electric SmartStruxture Building Control System
Andover Trained on Building Control Systems
Delta OrcaView Trained on Building Control Systems
Richards-Zeta Trained on Building Control Systems

Chris has one of those minds that’s always thinking about how to build something himself and make it even better, so engineering was the perfect career path. Prior to joining KFI, he’d always been on a contracting firm's team, as opposed to an engineering firm's team. The thought of being involved in the early stage of building construction sounded appealing. He’s a task-oriented self-starter who enjoys building automation. “I get to witness the way all the individual parts of a building start to work together.”

An electrical engineer with over 21 years of industry experience, Chris is an expert in controls design, installation, and operation. He has extensive design and project management experience with various control system designs including boiler and chiller plants, VAV air handlers and associated terminal units, process designs with unique pressure, temperature, and humidity requirements. In addition to providing standalone controls design, Chris integrates controls into KFI's designs to ensure proper sequences and strategies are being used.

He spends his out-of-office time with family, or sawmilling, fine-tuning elaborate woodworking projects, and building things for the house.

“We'll figure it out.”
– Chris Koenig