Greg Carter, PE




BS Mechanical Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering
University of Kentucky


Education, Central Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Corporate & Community Facilities, Government

Having a father as a practicing engineer steered Greg towards an interest in building construction. Greg graduated with a mechanical and electrical engineering degree from the University of Kentucky. He holds professional registrations in both disciplines and has practiced both. Before joining KFI, he was a longtime partner at Staggs and Fisher and was the president for 21 years. In 2022, Staggs and Fisher joined KFI Engineers; Greg saw this as a natural fit based on KFI’s project experience and the high level of service they provide. KFI and Staggs and Fisher’s strengths complimented each other through their similar project experience, level of service provided, and positive shared relations with staff.

Greg enjoys building relationships and working closely with his clients. He prides himself on listening to their needs and guiding them with his experience. Throughout his career, he has designed projects that include research labs, hospitals, educational facilities, and central utility plants. His experience includes HVAC design, lighting power, and technology. His electrical experience includes extensive medium voltage distribution.

Outside of work, Greg enjoys sports and the outdoors. His favorite things are boating, fishing, and enjoying those with family and friends.

It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it
– Greg Carter, PE