Larry Justin, PE, CPD, FASPE


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota - Institute of Technology


Healthcare, Education, Corporate & Community Facilities, Government


Certified Plumbing Designer
College of Fellows
Past Committee Chairman
Past President Legislative of MN Chapter
Current Vice President Legislative of MN Chapter
State of Minnesota Plumbing Board

Occasionally tagging along on weekends with his father, who was a facility engineer, Larry was always intrigued by the field. He also enjoys solving puzzles, and generally making things work or fit together – so engineering was a great fit. When the company where he was employed as a partner was acquired by KFI, he was genuinely thrilled about the opportunities ahead.

A licensed mechanical engineer with over 36 years of experience, Larry regularly acts as the project manager for a wide variety of facility types. In addition to his project manager responsibilities, he takes the lead with the design of building systems, coordinating the engineering design with the other design disciplines and with the building owner, overseeing the preparation of the construction drawings, preparing the construction specifications and performing construction observation and commissioning services. His project experience includes application of plumbing, medical gas, natural gas, compressed air, heating, ventilating and fire protection systems for a variety of facilities.

Larry has a hands-on approach, and is open to all types of projects, but particularly enjoys healthcare and institutional buildings because of the innovation they require to accomplish the clients’ objectives. In his words, “No two days are ever alike.”

His weekends are spent at the lake as often as possible, and when he’s at home, he busies himself with finding things to fix.

“Always ask questions and rely on the expertise of others.”
– Larry Justin, PE, CPD, FASPE