Mary Elizabeth Baker-Smith


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Western Kentucky University


Central Energy & Utilities, Education, Healthcare, Government, Corporate & Community Facilities, Packaged Food & Beverage



Mary Elizabeth knew she wanted to be an engineer in sixth grade when she began excelling in her math and science courses. Her aunt, a welder, and her cousin, a member of the steel industry, further inspired her to pursue a path in STEM.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, she worked for Gray Construction, focusing on LEED projects and performing all energy models. Later, she moved north so her husband could start law school, and in 2008 began working at Fosdick & Hilmer.  There, she grew as a young engineer and developed into a project manager. She now specializes in HVAC engineering in healthcare settings.

In 2020, Fosdick & Hilmer was acquired by KFI, and Mary Elizabeth has found that being part of a bigger and technically experienced team has presented new benefits to her work life. She likes the challenging, detail-oriented nature of coordinating with clients and design partners, working hands-on in the field, and watching her team’s engineering come to life. “I like to immerse myself in projects, to know not only the high-level needs but also the minor details.” As a mother of four, she enjoys going hiking and taking beach vacations with her family. She likes fixing up old houses in her free time.

The world of healthcare is ever-evolving, pushing new strategies and demands onto my team, and we like the challenge!
– Mary Elizabeth Baker-Smith