Matt Johnson, PE


M.S. Structural Engineering
Iowa State University

B.S. Civil Engineering
North Dakota State University


Central Energy & Utilities, Lipids, Oils & Animal Feed, Education, Clean Manufacturing, Healthcare, Fuels, Government


American Institute of Steel Construction

Matt followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a second-generation civil engineer. He worked as a consultant to KFI on several projects before joining the company full time, so he was well aware of the caliber of people and work. He appreciates the focus on quality, and the support KFI offers in terms of the tools employees need to do the job well. He brings 24 years of experience to the firm, primarily in the structural engineering field, and he enjoys seeing the week-to-week progress on a job – how all the pieces come together.

Matt started his career designing heavy industrial buildings in the agricultural processing industry. He focuses on a variety of structures including industrial, office, commercial, religious, educational, and municipal buildings. This variety of design has led to expertise in designing with wood, light gauge steel, structural steel, concrete and masonry. He tends to put pencil to paper and work out designs and detail by first sketching and doing hand calculations but will develop a computer model when it speeds the analysis.

As a project manager he has overseen the development of construction documents on many projects ranging in size from small schools to large manufacturing facilities. He works with the owner, architect, and contractor during design and construction to resolve problems and provide cost effective solutions.

Outside of the office, Matt enjoys golf, woodworking, dining out with friends, and boating/fishing on White Bear Lake.

“I strive to produce drawings that are clear, concise and well organized in order to eliminate confusion and ensure a structurally sound final product.”
– Matt Johnson, PE