Reed Roisum, SET


B.S. Mathematics
Mayville State University


Education, Government, Corporate & Community Facilities, Clean Manufacturing, Fuels, Healthcare


NICET Certified in Three Fire Protection Engineering Subfields
Level III Certified in Special Hazards Suppression Systems
Level III Certified in Fire Alarm Systems
Level IV Certified in Water-Based Systems Layout
ANSUL Foam Fire Suppression Systems – Design & Application Training
OSHA 10-Hour Training

Reed explains that he “kind of stumbled into the field” by starting as an electrical and mechanical drafter. When his previous company hired a fire protection engineer, he started drafting for him and then moved into design and engineering. Based on the recommendation of former co-workers who had previously joined KFI, he was intrigued by the company’s reputation for quality work and genuinely caring about their employees. So, when his previous company decided to change direction on the focus of their services, he joined KFI.

Reed is a Fire Protection Project Manager who provides fire protection system design and consulting services to clients in the healthcare, education, commercial, industrial, and government markets. For more than 19 years he has completed automatic sprinkler system designs, fire pump room designs, shop drawing reviews, and water supply testing along with an additional two years of drafting for electrical and mechanical projects. His experience also includes design of high-expansion foam suppression systems, specification of clean agent systems, building and fire code analysis, and fire alarm systems layout.

He enjoys fire protection engineering because of the diversity of systems, tasks, and projects involved. He is driven by excellence and derives satisfaction from knowing he is making the building safer for its inhabitants. He notes, “What ends up being built from our designs isn’t about beauty or comfort or even function but could save someone’s life.”

Outside of work, Reed enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He is actively involved in his church, serving as an adult Sunday School teacher and Bible study leader.

“I don't want to waste my life on things that don't matter. I want to live and work in a way that honors God and impacts people positively.”
– Reed Roisum, SET