Scott Dunnwald


B.S. Marketing
North Dakota State University


Government, Education, Central Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Clean Manufacturing, Corporate & Community Facilities, Fuels, Lipids, Oils & Animal Feed, Packaged Food & Beverage


Society of Marketing Professional Services
International Facility Managers Association

Having grown up around the construction industry, Scott was always fascinated with how buildings were made. Even before he started college, he was already working at KFI, and he came back to work nearly every summer until he graduated.

In the early years, Scott spent most of his time filing drawings and doing odd jobs around the office. As his interest in engineering grew, he jumped around departments trying to find what interested him the most. He learned how to draw in CAD and worked in every department in the company at the time. The majority of his summers were spent performing Cx with the performance group. He decided to major in business/marketing instead of engineering and eventually joined KFI full-time. After nearly a decade in KFI’s marketing and business development group, Scott joined the performance group to provide business development and operations support for the commissioning and controls team.

He appreciates the unique culture at KFI. “It’s a great company that feels much smaller than it is. It feels like more of a community than a workplace. It’s a flexible work environment where they not only care about the employees but the employees’ family as well. The work/life balance is important to the leadership and runs through the rest of the company.”

Outside of work, you’ll likely find Scott outdoors, fishing in the summer and winter, hunting with family and friends (and dog Ruby) in the fall, and playing pond hockey in the winter. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and keeps busy with projects around the house and at his family’s hobby farm.