Zack Thompson, PE


B.S. Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering





Growing up, Zack was always interested in science and technology, so engineering felt like the right fit when he began considering career paths. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics, he began working as a mechanical engineer.

Zack’s primary focus has been designing HVAC and plumbing systems for water and wastewater treatment plants. He enjoys the unique challenges these types of projects present, and has learned no two plants are ever the same.

In 2016, Zack began working at Wentz Associates, and shortly thereafter Wentz was acquired by KFI. Zack took this opportunity to transition roles and utilize his mechanical engineering experience to become an effective project manager. To achieve a quality design that meets the needs of a project’s end-users, he prioritizes gathering project information from Owners, operators, contractors, and other engineers. “I enjoy working in a team to come up with quality solutions to challenging design requirements.”

Outside of work, Zack enjoys playing softball in the summer and curling in the winter. He also likes homebrewing, and can always find a project around the house to work on.

Don’t make assumptions, ask questions
– Zack Thompson, PE