Zach Verbick, PE




B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Milwaukee School of Engineering


Central Energy & Utilities, Education, Corporate & Community Facilities, Clean Manufacturing, Fuels, Lipids, Oils & Animal Feed



From a young age Zach always enjoyed taking things apart (admittedly some that he shouldn’t) to figure out how they worked, and then putting them back together. He has always found it fascinating and rewarding to understand the mechanics of how things work. While he was in school, he worked for a father/son residential and light commercial carpenter. When he started at KFI, he was surprised by some of the similarities in the feel of the work environment. He found a group of people committed to working hard and doing it well. “KFI has a unique way of approaching projects and problems,” he notes. “You don’t hear the words ‘That isn’t my job.’ People who work here genuinely enjoy the type of work we do, and it shows.”

Zach started at KFI as an intern, and today works as a licensed mechanical engineer and the Director of Utilities and Central Energy specializing in industrial and utility projects. He has extensive utility and central energy experience and has contributed to a vast number of KFI’s large projects. He brings effective communication and fresh ideas to each project, which makes him a vital component of the project team. His overall experience includes higher education, healthcare, commercial, and government projects, with the occasional unique project such as turbomachinery test laboratories or hypersonic wind tunnels.

In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his wife, traveling, cycling, cross country skiing, cooking, and working on projects around the house. He is also an avid homebrewer, and does some silversmithing, woodworking, and car maintenance. He’s happiest when he has something to tinker with.

“If you can't commit to being exceptional at what you do, you are in the wrong line of work.”
– Zach Verbick, PE