Fire Protection Engineering, Forensics & Loss Consulting

Full spectrum fire protection design and engineering; and complete forensic fire, explosion, and system failure analysis.

Fire Protection Engineering

Our experienced fire protection engineers and NICET-certified design technicians are capable of complete fire protection systems design. We work with our clients to provide cost-effective and innovative systems for property protection and life safety. Using the latest technology, our fire protection engineers and designers work on projects of all types and sizes, including offices, education, manufacturing, data centers, aircraft hangars, storage, flammable and combustible liquids storage and handling facilities, industrial, and residential and military properties to ensure that all fire protection challenges are met.

Our extensive experience allows us to bring innovative ideas and practical solutions to complex problems for a variety of fire protection areas including, fire pumps, standpipes, fire water tanks, deluge, foam, inert gas, clean agent suppression systems, fire alarm and detection and fire code consulting. We adapt our designs to new technologies and the intricacies of each specific project to ensure the design not only meets applicable codes but is cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, performance-based design solutions are offered where prescriptive codes and standards don’t provide adequate or appropriate protection.

For building owners and developers, we offer services ranging from observations of fire protection systems before purchasing or selling buildings and facilities to seminars and webinars on inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems.

From initial water supply testing to final project closeout, KFI provides complete fire protection design support that exceeds expectations.

  • Water supply testing and analysis
  • Fire sprinkler system design
  • Special hazard suppression system design
  • Fire and building code review and analysis
  • Fire alarm design
  • Mass notification/voice evacuation (emergency communication systems) design
  • Third party plan review
  • Fire protection engineer of record for design/build opportunities
  • Technical report writing
  • Fire and life safety performance-based design and analysis
  • Liaison between clients and fire code officials
  • Flammable and combustible liquids analysis and protection
  • Facility fire protection quality assurance and quality control
  • Fire protection systems commissioning


Our forensic experts and strategic vendor partners conduct a thorough systematic analysis of incidents with the goal of determining the origin and cause of any fire, explosion, or failure. Fires, explosions, frozen pipes, or mechanical and electrical failures can be devastating events leaving behind destruction, chaos, and the loss of homes and businesses. In the aftermath, determining the origin and cause of a property claim loss becomes a critical endeavor. Forensic origin and cause investigating, fire protection engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering are specialized fields that play a crucial role in matching the events leading up to a loss with physical artifacts.

Our forensic experts employ scientific methods and investigative techniques to piece together the events leading up to fires or explosions. We focus on identifying competent ignition sources, first fuels ignited, and the circumstances that brought them together. We understand that time is often of the essence due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions and high emotions associated with fires and explosions.

We work with the insured and claim handlers to coordinate a quick initial response to demonstrate our shared commitment to help navigate the claim process and to preserve and protect any artifacts that may prove valuable during future potential subrogation efforts or identification of liability exposures.

  • Origin and cause consulting and investigation (structural, vehicle, equipment, product; residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural)
  • Fire protection system failure analysis
  • Property and process hazard analysis
  • Internal fire protection safety standards and procedures development
  • Underwriter recommendation review
  • On-site inspection programs to validate compliance with corporate or insurance guidelines
  • Comprehensive training programs that can be tailored to officers or employees
  • Advanced 3D scene documentation via Matterport Pro3 camera

Additional Expertise:

  • Insurance property claims
  • Subrogation
  • Legal proceedings
  • Artifact and evidence collection
Key Contacts:
Reed Roisum, SET
Senior Fire Protection Project Manager
Scott Futrell, PE, FSFPE, CFPS, CFEI, SET
Senior Fire Protection Engineer
Nicholas Ladas, PE
Fire Protection Engineer

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