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Commissioning Engineer

St. Paul, MN

The Commissioning Engineer plays a key role in the successful management of commissioning,
re/retro-commissioning, test & balance, and energy audit projects in our various locations.
Reporting to the Performance Group Manager, this individual will provide technical expertise,
as well as oversight to ensure that the performance of buildings, systems and equipment
conform to design specifications.

Specific responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Actively manages projects – scoping the work required, developing a project plan,
    securing resources, keeping the project on track for on time delivery. Also ensures that
    all project work is properly documented and reported.
  • Ensures that new business development opportunities are properly defined, scoped and
    priced. Actively contributes to all aspects of the business development process (i.e.,
    proposals and customer meetings).
  • Conducts building performance evaluations and audits, including commissioning, recommissioning,
    retro-commissioning, and test & balance activities.
  • Executes Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) functional tests, including
    point verification and sequence tests.
  • Actively participates in construction meetings. Directs commissioning meetings,
    recording action items and distributing these to all key stakeholders.
  • Performs construction inspections to ensure MEP installations conform to project
  • Assists other department staff in calculating building energy use and savings.

Ideally, the person filling this opening will have several years of experience doing this type of
work, a professional Mechanical Engineering certification and established industry contacts and
relationships in the area where the office is located. However, KFI is prepared to hire the right
individual, who may be less experienced and lacking these preferred engineering credentials –
provided he/she has done work that has required interaction with contractors on a frequent
basis (i.e. someone who has worked in one of the construction trades), or has experience
operating and troubleshooting building automation systems. Also required is a willingness to
travel to job sites.


Key Performance Characteristics
  • Understanding the Business
    Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands the “KFI way” – our Mission, Vision and processes. Learns new methods and technologies easily.


  • Getting Organized
    Is well organized, resourceful, and planful; effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources to get things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to mark the trail; is able to get things done with less and in less time; can work on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plans around obstacles.


  • Focusing on Action and Outcomes
    Attacks everything with drive and energy with an eye on the bottom line; not afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known; drives to finish everything he/she starts.


  • Focusing on the Customer
    Identifies and anticipates customer requirements, expectations, and needs. Creates systems and processes that make it easy for customers to do business with the company. Ensures that customer issues are resolved.


  • Communicating Effectively
    Writes and presents effectively; adjusts to fit the audience and the message; strongly gets a message across.


  • Influencing Others
    Ensures that proposals or arguments are supported by strong logic and a compelling business case, addressing all relevant factors. Identifies the agendas, concerns, and motivations of others.


  • Builds Relationships
    Treats people with respect; relates well to people regardless of their organization level, personality, or background. Encourages others to express their views, even contrary ones

Bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering is ideal. However KFI is open to hiring the right
candidate who may not have a formal Engineering degree, but has done work that has required
interaction with contractors on a frequent basis (i.e. someone who has worked in one of the
construction trades), or has experience operating and troubleshooting building automation


Recognizing the importance of this position to KFI, a competitive salary and benefits package will be offered.

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