Universities, colleges and other educational institutions have the capacity to think long term. You want high quality facility infrastructure that is going to have a long and efficient life. You want to know you’re getting a solution that will meet the mission for the next 20 years or more.

Many firms can provide adequate short-term designs. What sets KFI apart from the field is that our expertise extends from sophisticated long-range planning, through all facets of design, to commissioning and client training. It is truly a cradle-to-cradle approach.

With the advent of climate awareness comes a new set of challenges for the design team. KFI has successfully balanced the diverse stakeholder interests for greenhouse gas emissions, budget and performance constraints, facilitating teams to reach consensus on the best application of design to address naturally competing forces.

KFI brings our field experience in construction scheduling and project management to all of our education projects. We have a deep knowledge of systems and commissioning, plus a passion to make educational facilities perform at a high level. Knowing the budget pressures you face, we help you succeed by lowering operation and maintenance costs. When you bring us into a meeting with your stakeholders, we are thoroughly prepared; we communicate clearly, inspire confidence and can support all levels of future planning.

Our expertise includes:

  • Infrastructure master planning
  • Life safety
  • Maintenance-conscious engineering
  • Acoustics
  • Lighting quality
  • Technology expansion
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Climate neutrality
  • Sustainability
  • Energy use reduction

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