University of Notre Dame Geothermal

The University of Notre Dame has installed three geothermal systems for campus heating
and cooling, East Quad, South Campus Geothermal, and East Geothermal. KFI has performed
complete design services, construction administration, start-up/checkout/commissioning,
and operator training for all three systems.


Notre Dame, IN


Central Energy & Utilities


East Quad

East Quad was the first system installed and used as a pilot plant prior to constructing the two larger plants. The wellfield was installed under the newly formed East Quad and consists of 150 wells collected into a single vault and piped to the Pasquerilla Center (The ROTC building). This 300-ton heat pump plant produces simultaneous heating and cooling for the building along with supplying excess capacity to the adjacent band building with piping routed through the utility tunnels. This system became fully operational in the spring of 2017.

South Campus

The South Campus Geothermal plant was installed to serve new buildings at the south end of campus. The wellfield was installed underneath one of the football stadium parking lots which was resurfaced in the summer of 2016. There are 530 wells installed in this field with four vaults connected to the basement of the new architecture building. The 1,000-ton heat pump plant is installed in a subterranean room west of the campus clock tower. This plant provides heat to the architecture building, along with adjacent buildings after they are converted to low-temperature hot water. Chilled water produced in this plant is fed into the campus chilled water loop rather than directly to the buildings so the central plant can call on this chilled water source as needed. The heat pumps can use either the wellfield or the low temp hot water loop as the source water for the condenser side of the heat pumps.

East Geothermal

The third plant, East Geothermal, is located in the basement of the new East Chiller Plant. From this location, the 1,300-ton heat pump plant serves a low-temperature hot water loop for buildings in the new East Quad. The low-temperature hot water loop is distributed through the existing tunnel system via 12” supply and return mains. This plant’s chilled water production is tied directly to the campus chilled water system, similar to the South Campus Geothermal plant. Each individual heat pump in this plant is capable of using either the wellfield or the low-temperature hot water loop as the condenser water source, maximizing operational flexibility for simultaneous heating and cooling. The wellfield for this plant is located under the newly renovated Ricci Fields adjacent to the rugby field on the northeast corner of campus. This field has 680 wells collected into six vaults and piped to the basement of the East Chiller Plant.

Key Contacts:
Randy Christenson, PE
Vice President, Commercial
Mark Zimmerman, PE
Vice President, Industry and Infrastructure
Zach Verbick, PE
Director, Utilities and Central Energy
David Jansa
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Services Provided:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Utility Generation & Distribution

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