AI-Corn Clean Fuel 70MMGPY Ethanol Plant Expansion

Previous expansion at the AI-Corn Clean Fuel plant led to increased production, demanding more power. The current steam generator couldn’t keep up, and a new system design was needed.


Claremont, MN





The existing steam generator at AI-Corn Clean Fuel didn’t have the capacity to produce enough steam required for the increased production rates. To accommodate the demand, a combined heat and power (CHP) generator was selected to produce electricity and steam.


Low carbon footprint production of motor fuel was crucial to the project, and required the installation of a 5.5 MW combustion turbine and HRSG with a supplemental fired duct burner. Once construction is complete, the next phase will begin, including on-site process engineering during check-out, commissioning, and plant start-up.


This $146M fuel alcohol plant expansion was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. It increased plant production from 50 million gallons per year, to 120 million gallons per year. A new combustion turbine will generate 5.5 MW of power and an additional 150,000 lb/hr of steam. These additions increased the plant-wide steam capacity from 80,000 lb/hr to 230,000 lb/hr.

Key Contacts:
Jim Hetland, PE
Director, Industrial, Process and Agribusiness
Mark Zimmerman, PE
Vice President, Industry and Infrastructure
David Jansa
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Services Provided:
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Utility Generation & Distribution

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