The Christ Hospital 9th floor NICU renovation was an 8,000 square-foot phased, level III NICU renovation.  The project encompassed the renovation of fourteen NICU bays, a NICU private isolation room, a transition room, an entry lobby with a seating area, an OB pharmacy, and a staff lounge.  KFI was the mechanical and electrical engineer on this project.

The existing HVAC system was completely reworked to accommodate the new renovation, including an added dedicated exhaust fan for the isolation room.  The HVAC system serves all the NICU bays, and the isolation room is controlled by room pressure monitors.  A new medical gas alarm system and valve boxes were installed to serve the space.  The NICU bays incorporated vertical headwall towers allowing equipment to be placed where needed to optimize working height and reach.  Blank medical gas and electric outlets were provided in headwalls to allow for a simplified future expansion.  Customized lighting controllers were provided in each NICU bay to control indirect cove lighting, exam lighting, and headwall lighting.