The new 92,500 lb/hr, 800 psig, 800°F Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) at Penn State’s West Campus CHP Plant has been set. The pick was approximately 180,000 lb and the unit was lowered through the roof of the 100+ year old plant.

KFI provided planning and engineering services for the combined heat and power expansion at Penn State’s West Campus Steam Plant, now in construction. KFI’s design includes the addition of a 5.2 MW nominal gas combustion turbine and a matched heat recovery steam generator (800 psig, 800°F) with duct burner and new stack. The project also includes a new 2.1 MW 800 psig to 250 psig backpressure steam turbine, new 550,000 lb/hr deaerator, and two new 900 psig boiler feedwater pumps. This project will expand the steam generation capacity to maintain N+1 redundancy, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 16,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e).