U.S. General Services Administration R.H. Limbaugh Sr. Federal Courthouse

Operational issues, and higher than expected energy use after a building automation system (BAS) upgrade was installed, made the Rush Limbaugh Sr. Courthouse a prime candidate for retro-commissioning.


Cape Giradeau, MO


173,300 sq ft





The Rush Limbaugh Sr. Courthouse is a four-story building complete with an 85-foot atrium, which houses three federal courtrooms, US Marshals service office and holding cells, General Service Administration offices, and the Department of Homeland Security offices. The courthouse had been experiencing higher than expected energy use, which increased after a recent building automation system (BAS) upgrade.


Retro-commissioning was implemented to improve energy efficiency and environmental conditions, and included an in-depth review of the upgraded Niagara AX system. HVAC, lighting controls, domestic plumbing, building envelope, and the CRAC system were all investigated to identify architectural, design and programming issues impacting operations.


GSA Region 6 and Limbaugh Courthouse staff helped implement corrective actions, which included reprogramming of the existing JACE controllers with Niagara AX certified staff. This effort included participation by the on-site operations and maintenance (O&M) contractor to ensure corrective actions were understood by the onsite staff, and the improvements could be maintained for the continued benefit of the building occupants.

Key Contacts:
Robert Linder, PE, NEBB CP, LEED AP
Vice President, Performance Group
David Jansa
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Services Provided:
  • Controls Design
  • Retrocommissioning

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